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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Subject: Annual meeting vote for board members
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09/30/2020 4:36 PM  
We would like to do our annual meeting via Google chat or similar. We are planning to have an election for all spots on the board. The problem is how can we vote online? Also each unit has different voting power based on unit sale price etc. Also only one vote per unit. I am thinking there has to be a way where we can setup each person via email or a link. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


09/30/2020 5:08 PM  
Directed proxies or vote by mail.

Also, you should have someway for those who don't have good access to a computer to be part of the meeting via phone.


09/30/2020 7:44 PM  


09/30/2020 9:54 PM  
There are companies that will set up an electronic vote for you. I haven't looked in a couple of years but I don't think it's all that expensive and you can hire them for one vote or for many votes. Google is your friend and from state-to-state I don't think one size fits all.


10/01/2020 6:15 AM  
As Geno said, start with doing an internet search. I tried it just now and there is good information out there. Note you may need to consult your association attorney to ensure the election will be run according to the rules in your documents (e.g., only homeowners current in assessments are eligible to vote).

That said I agree with Tim - it would be easier to stick to directed proxies, then open and count them in front of everyone during the meeting. You don't have to disclose who voted for who - simply state you had X number of ballots returned and the totals for each candidate. Exploring the pros and cons of online voting would be a good project for an advisory committee, and if they start now you may be able to do something for the next annual meeting.


10/01/2020 12:22 PM  
Regarding online voting: Ditto what GenoS and SheliaH posted. The cost is worth it. It might even be less expensive, all told. Companies that provide online voting know how to deal with weighted voting.
(South Carolina)


10/01/2020 2:25 PM  
I for one expect we will be able to get back to face to face meetings by early or mid 2021 so I say do not put much time and effort into "electronic" meetings. We are doing and in depth mailing to our members in lieu of a 2020 face to face. We are also extending the existing BOD until such time. Those members we have talked to say fine.
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