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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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Subject: Board meeting minutes
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(South Carolina)


08/28/2019 6:16 AM  
I questioned the HOA Board regarding two topics left out of the meeting minutes. I feel these topics are important to homeowners not present at the meeting. What is the general rule with regards to providing at least an overview of important items discussed?


08/28/2019 6:35 AM  
Minutes should reflect the actions the board took during the meeting, such as voting on a motion to do something, so if it was just a general discussion and no action was taken, it might not necessarily make the minutes. "Topics important to homeowners not at the meeting" can also be subjective - they may be important to you and perhaps they are, but unless official action was taken, such as referring the matter to an advisory committee, why put it there?

You didn't say if you were on the board - if you are, you might suggest the secretary add something to this effect. Otherwise, you could always spread the word to your neighbors and encourage them to attend the next meeting and ask questions or make comments during the resident forum.


08/28/2019 6:45 AM  
You're likely to get a wide array of responses here.

Generally though, minutes will record the decisions made and not elaborate on the pre-decision debate or discussion and not elaborate on other debate and discussion regarding topics not resulting in a decision.

Minutes are not a synopsis of all that was discussed and decided at the meeting. If homeowners want to know all that occurs at the meetings, then they need to attend the meetings or receive info second-hand from someone else who attends.

Personally, if a "topic" was listed on the agenda for the meeting, I would indicate something in the minutes pertaining to that topic . . . perhaps just noting that it was discussed but no decisions made . . . but that's just how I do it.

Robert's Rules Online states the following . . . note item (f) . . .
"The essentials of the record are as follows:
(a) the kind of meeting, "regular" (or stated) or "special," or "adjourned regular" or "adjourned special";
(b) name of the assembly;
(c) date of meeting and place, when it is not always the same;
(d) the fact of the presence of the regular chairman and secretary, or in their absence the names of their substitutes,
(e) whether the minutes of the previous meeting were approved, or their reading dispensed with, the dates of the meetings being given when it is customary to occasionally transact business at other than the regular business meetings;
(f) all the main motions (except such as were withdrawn) and points of order and appeals, whether sustained or lost, and all other motions that were not lost or withdrawn;
(g) and usually the hours of meeting and adjournment, when the meeting is solely for business. Generally the name is recorded of the member who introduced a main motion, but not of the seconder."


08/28/2019 11:55 AM  
In SC, do the "topics" have to be listed on the agenda? They do in CA and th e agenda for open meetings must be posted 4 days ahead of the board meeting. Items on the agenda should be noted in the minutes even if no director discusses it. In that case, the minutes would say the board decided to take no action.

But even if it is discussed, but the board done's not on it, the discussion should not be noted in the minutes. As the old expression goes: minute should record what was done, not what was said.

Our HOA prez constantly dings Owners for "not attending" board meetings, but forgets that 25% of our owners are absentee and another 10% live here just part-time.
(South Carolina)


08/29/2019 6:43 AM  
I'm not sure of the rule requirements for meetings in SC, but they present an agenda for upcoming meetings. As for the minutes, they list them as follows: General Homeowner Discussion, Old Business, and Committee Reports.

As far as actions taken during the meeting, one possible action could be related to a violation I recently reported (for the 2nd time). Not mentioning the reported violation directly, the board decided they were not interested in going back a number of years to try to determine if a violation occurred. Since no action was taken on this violation for over a year, the decision of the board could include this one. I felt some comments on this issue would be important to include in the minutes.

I'm not on any board.
(South Carolina)


08/29/2019 9:32 AM  

An action taken is when a Motion is made to do so and so. It then requires a 2nd. No 2nd and it dies. After the 2nd, the Motion will be discussed the the BOD will vote. The Motion, the 2nd, and the voting results will be in the minutes.

A meeting could go on for hours and if no Motions made, no action was taken it is possible for the Minutes of the meeting to be shorter than one page. Discussions are not required to be in the Minutes. Minutes are not word for word.

You want to know what happened at a meeting, go to the meeting and listen.

When my BOD gets notice of a violation at least one BOD Member will investigate the violation. If he agrees it exists, we notify our MC to send a violation letter.

If a Member appeals the violation, the BOD will invite the offender to a private "hearing" where the BOD will decide and we may vote on it. The "hearing" is not open to the Members.



08/29/2019 1:15 PM  
If your "report" was not placed on the meeting agenda, the board is not required discuss it all. And, IF on the agenda AND the board discusses it, nothing need be in the minutes except what i wrote above. Only if a votes is taken, does that have to be in the minutes.
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