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Friday, February 28, 2020

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Subject: Local Association of Associations?
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08/20/2019 6:06 AM  
Hi All,

I was considering developing a county wide Association of Associations, the purpose of which would be to share data/info/experiences with contractors, suppliers, managers, etc, and to influence local political leaders, county services organizations, etc.

Anyone involved in something like this in their areas?

I could not find an operating national organization we could fit under ...



08/20/2019 6:42 AM  
Check out Community Association Institute (CAI)
Most powerful and respected organization for influencing HOA legislation in all states.
Memberships by 3 categories: MCs, Vendors, & HOAs
Primary funding source is the first 2 groups. Some HOA members are uncomfortable with that bias, but then again, without the trade association aspect of the organization, not sure how CAI could sustain itself financially.
Sponsoring training, webcasts, expos, etc.
Chapters in all states I think. 8 chapters in FL.

Sikubali jukumu. Read all posts at your own risk.
(North Carolina)


08/20/2019 6:43 AM  
Also check with your city or county. Our city maintains a database of associations along with contact information.

Board members are volunteers. Many have no idea what they're doing. Educate them. Don't beat them up.


08/20/2019 1:36 PM  
In my county there is such an organization. Unfortunately it's organization is somewhat ad hoc, meaning it exists but it doesn't have much of a presence online. It has no website. Its name is an acronynm: CHAIR, You can see it mentioned in the list on the bottom of this page along with the names of other such organizations around the state. The one in my county is actually open to the public and they meet monthly during the non-summer months. They usually have a guest speaker who's either a lawyer, or an accountant, or a rep from a property management firm. The local CHAIR is also mentioned prominently at the top of this webpage. I've never attended any of its meetings but others in my community have and they said it was useful. Through contacts made with others there, we found a new HOA attorney a couple of years ago.


08/20/2019 3:51 PM  
I think it's a fine idea if you can do it, George. Though our HOA isn't a member and non directors are, I did attend a few CAI meetings with very good speakers and topics to choose from. But our region's CAI branch covers all kinds of HOAs in a large geographical area, so there weren't enough people from urban high rises that I could find.

Over the dozen years I was on the board of an urban high rise, surrounded by many like ours, there've been haphazard attempts to get something going just to even convey at the neighborhood pub and discuss our shared experiences and solutions. but it/they just never have gotten off the ground. The latest last year was group of 8 or so directors from as many nearby HOAs meeting a few times to talk specifically about getting EV charging stations in everyone's o underground garages. But it fizzled too....


08/21/2019 5:09 PM  
Thanks, yes, I’ve reviewed the CAI and find it a bit kore generic, beholden to contributors like property management companies.

My thought was that a local organization could be rather loose and somewhat ad hoc to be able to share info of great use - like which property management companies are good, etc ...


08/21/2019 5:35 PM  
Sounds like a good effort, but I will be honest, when I find a good vendor, contractor, supplier, etc..... I dont tell anyone. Good people are hard to find. And if they leave me, I need to find another.
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