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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Subject: California condo, cable service
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01/29/2019 7:23 PM  
State: California
Condominium under an HOA association.


My wife & I recently purchased a condo and ran into an issue with our cable service.

Once we gained possession of the condo, we contacted our local cable provider to arrange for high-speed internet service.

The technician confirmed the interior unit was wired for cable service; but could not locate the line coming into the unit.

We are the top unit, with a unit below ours; we learned the previous owner had a satellite dish service for TV and DSL for internet.

Contacting the cable company, a supervisor with an experienced line technician were sent out. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate the incoming line at the main junction box, and confirmed the building is wired for cable, as they indentified other units with active cable service at the main junction box.

The HOA provided documents states the building is wired for phone & cable service as an amenity to the owners.

My question is who is responsible for the incoming cable service line?

I have contacted the property management company, but they are unresponsive.

What are my options?



01/29/2019 7:47 PM  
My guess would be- since the cable lines are located in common area (walls)- maintaining them would be an HOA responsibility.

You could request the HOA to repair the cable between the junction box and your unit.

When you say "unresponsive"- do you mean they don't answer or they haven't fixed it yet?


01/29/2019 7:53 PM  

Well, I have attempted contact the property management company but they do not answer to calls or emails.

I learned from the cable technicians that the solution is to drill into the unit below to establish a new line which would require approval from the HOA.



01/30/2019 5:39 AM  
Have you reached out to any of the board of directors? is this a low-rise mid-rise or high-rise building? where are the other unit's coax installed? are they interior or exterior. Cable systems usually have in intricate details cable mapping system as to where service lines are installed.

Send a certified letter to the property manager giving them 10 days to respond.

Is the "Tap" attached to an exterior wall or is the Tap in a vault underground? If the "Tap" is affixed to an exterior wall of the condo building, the cable service usually has an already in place easement to attach a new coax for a line of service without needing the HOA or a BOD approval.
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