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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Subject: Normal Neighbor Noise?
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11/18/2018 1:39 PM  
Is my neighbor being too noisy?

Single family houses are very close together, about 8 feet. It’s a nice family neighborhood and is overall pretty quiet. My neighbor and I both have pools and screened patios. I didn’t have any issues up until recently when they installed an outdoor television and surround sound speakers that are in all the corners of the screened patio.

They now host loud parties with several guests pretty much every weekend for 8+ hours a day. Even during the week, there are always several guests over in the evening. It’s either music on with thudding bass, or sports on the television along with shouting and yelling. All of this is clearly audible from my patio, as well as inside the house if a window is open. Unless I want to endure their noise, I am forced to wear noise canceling headphones if I want to sit outside, and can’t open my windows anymore.

I did contact them about it, but they were rude and told me they can do whatever they want as long as it’s not late at night. I had hoped perhaps they didn’t realize how far the sound was carrying, but that was not the case. I also thought that we could come up with a compromise, say limiting the outdoor parties to once or twice a month instead of every weekend and turning the bass level down, but they shut me down so fast I didn’t even have a chance to bring it up. I’ve contacted the HOA multiple times and they won’t give me an answer regarding what is acceptable as far as noise volume, duration and frequency.

Would you be tolerant of this? I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable person, and this just really does not seem considerate to me. Sure an occasional party, but not all the time and not so loud.

I’d move, but it wouldn’t be a smart financial choice right now, so I really don’t want to have to consider that. And no chance of them moving anytime soon, they have been in the neighborhood for many years.

I don’t know what to do at this point? I am becoming more resentful, angry and TBH, I dread coming home from work now. Sad to prefer my office to my own home.

I would really appreciate any thoughts.


11/18/2018 2:25 PM  
Do you CCRs address noise? Is there a clause in them related to "enjoyment" or something like that? If there is, I would keep working on the HOA.

If not, I would start with vert careful monitoring and noise measurement - the devices don't cost much these days. They key is auditor like provable numbers. Work with local police as required. See if there is an ombudsperson at the city or county government.

If, in the end you get nowhere, if it were me, I would fight fire with fire ... get speakers, and light them up when they are lighting you up ... pick the same times and clutter their sound so much they don't get any more enjoyment than you do.

Be prepared to record everything.


11/18/2018 4:31 PM  
With George, look or a "nuisance" clause in your covenants and cite it in your letter of complaint to all board members and your property manager.

The only other hope is that your municipality has noise statutes. All I can think of--sorry.


11/21/2018 9:55 PM  
We have a nuisance clause that refers to quiet enjoyment. One homeowner just acquired a pickup truck that sounds like it doesn't have a muffler at all. He apparently likes it that way. Maybe it's a Florida thing. Got a good deal on a sound meter and we plan to use it to establish a pattern of unreasonable noise that constitutes a nuisance under our CC&Rs if it keeps up.


11/24/2018 6:00 AM  
Having served on my board, we don't consider noise or activities a nuisance unless two or more households complain about the issue. Perhaps talking to other neighbors and present a united front can help.

Speaking as a homeowner who once had noisy neighbors, there are sound laws on the books. Check with your local police and see what they are and when you should complain.



11/24/2018 8:39 AM  
Matt has not responded.


11/24/2018 11:48 AM  
probably was searching for the 'neighbor be gone' potion

can be found on the same shelf as 'love potion #9'

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