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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Subject: Is HOA President out of line?
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10/15/2018 2:54 PM  
Recently, our HOA community pool has been the target of vandalism/trespassing. Individuals are gaining access to the pool restrooms/shower as well as staying overnight in the restrooms. There have been numerous times this has happened. On one incident, the board President and a vendor caught an individual who had locked themself in a bathroom. After the threat of local police being called out, the individual exited bathroom and spoke briefly with board President. The individual left the pool area, another board member was summoned by the board President to assist with items left behind by the individual caught trespassing (bicycle, suitcases, misc food stuff). Pictures were taken of items left behind. The second board member was instructed to throw away items in the HOA's dumpster. That same board member, for whatever reason, chose to follow the individual, at a distance to see where the person was going. The individual went to a vehicle parked at a nearby park. The board member was able to take pictures of the vehicle, make, license, color. The board member was forced to return the bicycle to individual who claimed it was their own personal property. It was taken forcefully according to the board member. An email was sent to all board members disclosing what had transpired with pictures included. No police report was taken, nor were police notified due to the board President stating she did not have time, too busy to bother with police. The pool area has surveillance cameras. The board President, the other board member and the vendor all had ample time to get a good look at trespasser. Now, let me go back in time two weeks before the encounter with the pool trespasser. One of my family members vehicles was broken into while parked in our community. Several items taken. Police called, report taken. Three days after the trespassing incident at pool, several other cars were broken into within the community, police called, an individual was caught and arrested. A picture of the individual breaking into cars was published on our cities Police Activity FB page. Many local residents recognized the individual, as did I. I recognize the individual as being a person who associates with a nearby neighbor within our community. After much thought, it dawned on me that quite possibly the individual(s) who vandalized my family member vehicle could be one in the same person as the picture in FB post...and possibly be the pool trespasser individual. On a hunch, I showed the FB picture to the vendor who was at the pool the day the individual was caught trespassing. It was the same individual. Vendor was 100% certain. Then it dawned on me...the pictures taken by board President of items left behind by trespasser. One picture was of the contents of a suitcase. After closer examination, one of the items taken from my families members vehicle was amongst the items in the suitcase. The suitcase that was thrown away in the dumpster! I presented, in an Open Letter, to the board of directors at a subsequent board meeting my findings. I let them know that my family member would never be able to properly identify or retrieve their stolen property because it was thrown away. Evidence thrown away! I showed the FB picture to the board members and homeowners present. The board President denied that was the individual caught trespassing at pool. The other board member said the same. When I mentioned that the vendor positively ID'd the individual, the board President became unglued. Even stated that the vendor was mistaken. Several days have passed since that board meeting. Today, I was able to speak to the vendor over their concerns with the board President. The vendor told me that the board President and the Property Mgmt company for our HOA is intimidating them to send an emails to them stating that they were 'mistaken, it wasn't the same guy'. Is this even legal????? The vendor is intimidated and afraid to lose the HOA's business. The vendor has spoken to the Property Mgmt property mgr and that mgr has told them to send the email because the board President wants them too! I'm at a loss for words!!! Is this reason to ask the board President to resign and have the property mgr dismissed??? Are they doing this because my family member can sue the HOA? BTW....the surveillance cameras at the pool area work. Only one individual knows how to operate the cameras to retrieve clips etc. That individual no longer serves on the board. I have asked for that homeowner to be allowed to retrieve information from the cameras history in order to help ID individual. Board President has been in opposition. Why? Seriously, what can be done??? This is not the first time the current board President has used intimidation or berated, bullied vendors.


10/15/2018 3:32 PM  
Why are we involving the HOA? Call the police. It's a police matter. Suing your HOA is suing yourself and your neighbors. Only money would be entitled to would be the amount of the stolen objects in the picture IF proven they were owned by the person whom had them stolen.

I say stop depending on your HOA in criminal matters. Call the police. Let them do their job.

Former HOA President


10/15/2018 3:59 PM  
At least four categories:

1. Use paragraphs ... I almost didn't read this because it was so cluttered. USE PARAGRAPHS!!!!
2. HOA and Board of Directors - you need to make certain everything is made part of the record - BUT, not like the post on this site. Organized, and concise. Stop ranting. The BoD needs to be fully "briefed" by you on what happened at their next meeting. If you don't get satisfaction, start organizing for a recall of one or more of the directors. Read and understand your governing documents.
3. Police - you need to make an appointment to meet with the local police/sheriff staff. There is likely one that is responsible for maintaining contact and coordinating with HOAs on their issues.
4. Local representative - likely you local council rep, etc, will have staff able to meet with you and discuss what happened - this will assist you in connecting better with the police, as well.


10/15/2018 4:10 PM  
Very busy as board member & sec'y. I just can't read something like this. Use paragraphs, avoid repetition. If you wrote the Boaard something like this, no wonder they didn't pay attention.

Please summarize actual HOA concerns in new post.


10/15/2018 5:04 PM  
I agree with most of what George said but not all and all of what Melissa said. My kids taught me the saying (TLTR) which means (Too Long Too Read). That being said I was interested in the topic so I read it anyway.

If you truly want the Video and you probably should most systems save it for a short period of time. Ours had great memory and would erase after 15 days or so. So act fast and get a Police report. Most boards will only get it if the Police request it. Otherwise you have wife's wanting video of possible cheating husbands.

The local reps will have no interest in this petty left stuff and the Police might not either.

The board members are not elected to act as Police and they should observe and report. This guy backed into a corner could have been armed. It is crazy that they stepped in and took the risk especially as you mentioned one was a women. The other thing they did wrong was throwing the stuff away. I am not a Police officer or a lawyer but I think that was a major error.

The board needs to learn from this mistake and have a policy but in place that says how they will handle the next issue like this. It will happen again that is for sure. I always tried to have a second board member with me on these type of sensitive issues so it does not become a He said She said thing which is the only thing they did right here.



10/16/2018 6:53 AM  
Why do typo's jump off the page the second time you read what you wrote????
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