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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject: Covenant change
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03/28/2018 3:18 PM  
After decades of trying to get the covenants changed to allow detached garages, the amendment has finally passed.

Back story-
I moved in in 2012 and became president in 2015. One of the first things I was asked to do was amend the covenants to allow detached garages and to allow livestock. The BOD sat down and drafted the proposed amendments, separately, and we've been voting on them each year at the member's meeting. The Livestock never had a chance and after two years of trying we decided to not even offer it on the ballot. It takes 2/3 and we had less than 1/2 affirmative. The garage amendment was always very close, usually one or two lots away from passing.

But this year we were able to get the votes needed to amend to allow detached garages. In each of the previous meetings where this vote would take place we had a discussion period listed on the agenda. During these discussion periods we were able to determine why people were against the detached garages and then make changes to the proposal to remove those concerns. As an example, the way the proposal was first written, not only garages but also guest houses could be built detached. That had people concerned and rightfully so. It was not the intent of the proposal, it was just that we had not written it correctly. Another issue was the wording concerning the limit to the size of the garage. I the original it said "not more than needed for the parking of three vehicles". Well, there was concern that three RV's could be considered "vehicles" so we placed an actual square foot restriction and got the votes needed to make the change.

Point is, don't give up.

Now I get to start the process of amending and filing the covenants. What joy! Dealing with county should be fun!
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