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Subject: ARTICLE: HOA Web Sites
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02/23/2006 6:25 PM  

Making The Most Of Your HOA Web Site

Are communities taking full advantage of the Internet?
Everyone reading this article knows the power and convenience of the Internet. We use it to find information and communicate with people all over the world, but are community associations taking full advantage of the Internet?

How are most community associations using the Internet?
Most community web sites are volunteer efforts resulting in static lists of information and maybe a few document links. Only the volunteer can update the site, so it can quickly become outdated. When the volunteer loses interest or moves away, the site quickly dies.

Interactive Web Sites: The Next Generation Community Site
A modern, interactive web site offers professional features that allow email announcements, surveys, discussion forums, feedback forms and a host of other advanced communication tools. These sites can be updated by multiple editors with multiple security levels. built HOATalk &
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Check out some of our customer web sites:

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Imagine the possibilities:

  • Showcase your community to prospective buyers and members with a professional looking web site. Your web site is your "front entrance" on the Internet and your community is judged by the quality of it. Does your web site portray the right image of the $millions of real estate in your community?

  • Send email to all HOA members with a mouse click.

  • Easily communicate with members, committees and the Board on critical issues in a discussion forum just like the one here at

  • Allow the Board to stay in touch between meetings with dedicated discussion areas.

  • Take quick surveys of members online.

  • Post multiple photo galleries of your community, amenities and events.

  • Easily make documents and meeting minutes available to members.

  • Protect it all with multiple security levels.
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