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Monday, November 29, 2021

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Subject:  Electric Meter enclosure with16 Meters
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10/05/2015 4:13 PM  
Electric company pulled our meter due to a bad lug that the meter plugs into .
From day one, I have been telling the Management the meter enclosure for the meters ( all 16 condos )is a COMMON Element .Has been 54 days without power to our unit . The unit is vacant being we are Snowbirds. WE believe
this is a common element and the association should pay for the repair .We have read the bylaws and the common areas are not listed in the language.

Would appreciate any feedback.


10/05/2015 5:29 PM  
Common areas would be defined in your CCRs.


10/05/2015 6:23 PM  
The real question is whether the wiring that feeds exclusively into one unit is a common element or whether it belongs to the owner of the unit.



10/05/2015 7:45 PM  
I agree with Larry.

If the electric service from the meter is only for your unit/townhome I would consider it your responsibility from the meter housing to your unit UNLESS your covenants specify that the Association maintains the wires within your walls.


10/05/2015 9:20 PM  
I recently went through this at my house. A tree branch fell and ripped the power line from my house. It tore up a few things but still had power. However, the power company had to cut the wire and pull the meter till I got it fixed. Spent 5 days in 105 degree weather in a 2 story house and no power. However, I had to have issue fixed, inspected before they would reconnect and put my meter back in.

Here is the deal when your asking the HOA to pay for this. Your essentially asking the ENTIRE membership pay for your repair. If it's a common element you all share, then that makes sense. However, it sounds like the power company pulled just YOUR meter. Which indicates to me it is your responsibility to fix the issue. The power company would have pulled all the meters otherwise.

Former HOA President


10/06/2015 5:49 AM  
there are FOUR lugs for the meter

two are on the 'common' side

two are on the 'individual' side

the meter itself serves only the individual

so ...... it depends WHICH lug is 'bad'

the meter panel itself would be a common element as it serves 16 units

the 'power' lugs would be a common element

the 'load' lugs would be a unit element, as would the meter itsel


the covenant says otherwise
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