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Monday, July 13, 2020

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Subject: Seeking other HOA Jacuzzi rules for minors.
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06/03/2014 8:23 AM  
Our HOA has a very small jacuzzi. It is max'd with 4 people. Lately it has been used by a group of kids all really young as a "wading" pool of such. It's so full that our adult members and owners can not access this.

Does your HOA have specific rules for the use of jacuzzi's / minors?
Just looking for ideas that would make the use of the jacuzzi spa more fair to owners across the board


06/03/2014 9:06 AM  
The way I understand it, Nicole, is that we can only make rules for minors when safety is involved. So our rule (also applies to the pool and the gym) is that anyone under 14 must be accompanied by someone 18 or older for health & safety reasons. This doesn't mean the adult has to be in the spa with them.

I'm pretty sure you may not make a rule that prohibits kids from using the spa.

A health code--required I think- also RECOMMENDS that pregnant women, infants, toddlers, persons with high blood pressure or diabetes refrain from using it for health reasons. that same limits users to, I think, 7-9 at a time. I'm trying to imagine the size of a spa that only would accommodate 4!!

If the kids bring inflatable toys in the spa, you can prohibit them, but the language must be something like: "no inflatable items are prmitted," so that it doesn't seem like a restriction against kids only.

Are these the same children you've complained about previously, Nicole? Do they use it all of the spa's open times day & night? What are your hours that it's open?

Your board might think about a sign up sheet with 15 minute increments, but would that would probably require someone to monitor it.



06/03/2014 9:12 AM  
Just noticed, Nicole, that you refer to adult members & owners. Aren't renters allowed to use your HOA's spa & pool? Or must residents pay a "membership" fee to us same?


06/03/2014 4:54 PM  
I'm surprised your HOA doesn't have a HOA safety rules sign. Spend $10 get the sign, post it. Done.

Most mention, no one under 18, no inflatables, no more than 15 minutes, etc.


06/03/2014 7:44 PM  
Posted By CarolR11 on 06/03/2014 9:06 AM

Your board might think about a sign up sheet with 15 minute increments, but would that would probably require someone to monitor it.

Very important point. Who is going to sit around the hot tub all day trying to enforce these rules?

A hot tub that maxes out at four adults is not suitable for any sort of community housing. It is way too small. The only thing smaller is a bath tub.

I see only three options:
1. Live with the tiny tub and learn to live with all the arguing;
2. Remove the tiny tub completely
3. Replace the tiny tub with something appropriate to the size of your community.



06/03/2014 10:37 PM  
Steve, maybe MS is different, but in CA, we amy not make rules like what you're suggesting. If you think that your way if legal--discriminating against minors--, please cite your source.

I'm with you, Larry! Why go to the trouble & expense of extra insurance, utilities to heat the spa, service to clean & maintain it, etc., etc., if it's so puny??

(This usually is when Nicole stops replying.)


06/05/2014 9:05 AM  
With summer upon us, some of you might be interested in this article:


06/05/2014 11:49 AM  
This was posted on the website.

Warning for Spa Pool. A warning sign for spa pools shall be posted stating, “CAUTION” and shall include the following language in letters at least 1 inch (25 mm) high:
1. Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult with a physician before entering the spa.
2. Unsupervised use by children under the age of 14 is prohibited.
3. Hot water immersion while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs or medicines may lead to serious consequences and is not recommended.
4. Do not use alone.
5. Long exposure may result in hyperthermia, nausea, dizziness
or fainting. (CBC §3120B.7.)



06/24/2020 1:00 PM  
The vast majority have heard that little kids shouldn't utilize hot tubs or spas since they're not ready to disperse the warmth as much as grown-ups. On the off chance that you have a hot tub at home or are visiting a hotel spa, you might be pondering whether it's protected or not to permit your grandkids to get in. Shockingly, there's no simple answer.

Neither the American Relationship of Pediatrics nor the Purchaser Item Wellbeing Commission has given explicit rules for a hot tub or spa use by youngsters. In any case, the Inside for Infection Control (CDC) exhorts that youngsters under age 5 ought not utilize hot tubs.

Most importantly, you might need to talk with your grandkid's pediatrician for exhortation outfitted to your specific conditions. By and large, newborn children and babies ought not utilize a hot tub at all because of the danger of overheating or parchedness.

More seasoned kids can be permitted in for brief timeframes if the temperature has been painstakingly checked. Most hot tubs are preset to arrive at 104 degrees, however 102 is a more secure setting; 98 degrees is far and away superior if kids will be utilizing it. Permit youngsters to play for five to 15 minutes, contingent upon age and water temperature.

There are extra risks, some of which are significantly more genuine than as of now referenced, that are related with hot tub use. Obviously, suffocating is the most genuine peril associated with anyone of water, including hot tubs.3 Hot tubs ought to be outfitted with locking spreads, and kids ought to never be left unaided around them.

Another peril is the ensnarement of hair in the pull fitting of a hot tub, which can likewise result in drowning.4 Channel covers that lessen the threat of hair snare are accessible, yet youngsters ought to be prompted not to go submerged in a hot tub, or play in any capacity that would bring their hair close to the channel spread.

So also, there is a threat of getting captured by the solid attractions of a drain.5 Fresher hot tubs are furnished with two outlets for each siphon, lessening pull in the event that one outlet is blocked. In this way, grandparents who own more established hot tubs ought to consider purchasing a more up to date one with two outlets. Arch molded channel covers additionally are accessible, which will diminish the pull that happens with level channel covers.

At long last, proprietors of hot tubs and spas should know the area of the cut-off switch so the siphon can be killed in an emergency.6 Moreover, hot tub proprietors ought to consistently be educated and careful about keeping up the right equalization of synthetic substances to keep the tub protected and sterile.


06/24/2020 2:08 PM  
What's the "American Relationship of Pediatrics"? Very strange post, DoreenE, for a 1st time poster. Did you notice the thread is 6 years old? Or are you trying to sell something?
(New York)


06/25/2020 11:18 AM  

Set the minimum age to 16 or 18. And make sure there is a visible sign near the Jacuzzi so everyone is aware of the rules.
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