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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject: are we related?
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02/06/2006 12:41 PM  
Just to let Brian know, JimR and EdR are not related, we both have just had similar bad experiences. I personally feel very sorry for each and evey person that signs in to this HOAtalk forum that have similar problems to our own because it takes a lot of will power and soul searching to put on a winning battle against greed and power hungry persons.

Yes Brian, our Association is filled with members of apathy, we are lucky to get 6 members to a general monthly meeting, unless I stir up some type of conflict. We now have a very good "Board" with reliable honest hard working members 5 out of 250, and the problems that I have been writing about are behind us, I hope. But due dilegence is required even on a Board that appears good on the surface, to make sure that an under tow does not develope.

I hope that EdR's board someday ends up as good as ours. I will probably not respond much any more on the HOA talk line. To busy keeping things under control here and starting to work on some issues outside of our subdivision and getting involved in our City and State issues that need some physical help.

But Roger, I do apprecciate your words of wisdom for those in need of help. Good Luck with this forum. JimR


02/06/2006 3:20 PM  
You'd better stay in touch once in a while and good luck to you. I'm just hoping some legislator encounters an HOA Board like mine and then something might start getting done. At present, when issues are brought up to someone you hope can help, they just consider it a neighborhood dispute--it's far from that, isn't it?
Take care and let us know if you find some answers or have some helpful advice! You have to admit, we sound like kindred spirits, at least.
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