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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject: HOA is a MESS
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(West Virginia)


01/30/2006 10:22 AM  
I am new here to this forum, so please bear with me. We belong to an HOA. The Board does not follow C & R and By-laws. Last year they spent almost $8,000 in attorney fees because the HOA president was mowing our common grounds and getting paid by te tresure for this. A special meeting was brought forth, but no before the rest of the board quick (3 members) The president then appointed 3 new members to the board. Which is fine IF the "old board members" were voted in at the last annual meeting. wHich they were not. you must have quorum and proxies. This HOA has never done so. The President was paid almost 5,000 for mowing the common grounds. Not to mention he mowed grounds at a foreclosed home in our community and also got paid 45.00 each time he mowed that ground. This is all without vote and knowledge to the homeowners who pay thier dues!
This is a big mess. At the special meeting in Octiber they hired their attorney to be there to answer questions as well as a mediator who gave each person 3 minutes to speak and to only speak once! This group of petitioners were needless to say "railroaded" No-one has ever been able to see the HOA records. Even after requested. Cars have been towed in the community, and the homeowners pays to get their car out. Nowhere in the By-laws or C& r's does it state that our HOA has a right to do such a thing and to fine people for any reason at all. So long story short. The "annual" meeting is coming in Feb 2006 and I just got a proxy asking to vote on the currrent budget for 2006. If our proxy is not turned into the board they are taking this as a YES vote. They cannot do this. Right? We are in WV and the laws here state that a proxy is to be signed to anyone, not just the board. HELP!
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