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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Subject:  Defacing and Removal of Notices.. any suggestions?
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06/25/2012 3:41 PM  
Our HOA can not seem to post a flyer without something going ary.

Everything from committe functions to actual agendas are being defaced, removed or having comments put on it.

Most recent there was a letter sent out to homeowners telling them that the board will be enforcing a set of rules that have been a little laxed on on, and it included the threat if not responded too homeowners will be fined and or called to a "hearing".

There was one of these letters highlighted and marked up asking.. so, does this apply to the HOA BOD as well? We notice that such and such unit is currently breaking these rules.. etc etc etc.

Any advice to help a bizarre situation, I had a non board situation where our own flyers were removed and in some cases ripped up.. a total of 8 times.
Every day we just reposted it.


06/25/2012 3:47 PM  
create a new rule/policy that removal/defacing of Board posted signage is considered an act of vandalism subject to X fine against unit
place a camera system and record the area to catch the PERP(S)

Sounds like you have a fun HOA and that is not the least of your problems.


06/25/2012 3:58 PM  
Its disturbing a bit. The biggest issue I do hear grumbling is that every letter we get from our HOA is always punitive, also as an old boardie myself, if you make rules or enforce it you better be following it yourself... that is the feeling on the outside.

However, back to the defacing I think that the best idea is keeping notices posted on the side of our lobby where our CCTV is. Our CCR like most follow the posting regs of our local law. It doesn't say we need to post the agenda everywhere. I like the idea of a cctv sighted view.

Removal of a sign or defacing it is being done where there are currently no cameras.


06/25/2012 4:17 PM  
We've had glass-covered locked bulletin boards in both of our mailrooms for Board agendas, and other HOA business, e.g., social committee events, for 6 years now due to the same problem you mention.

We also have regular bulletin boards in the mailrooms for residents to post notices of their own and no one disturbs them. But that wouldn't solve your own problem with a non-board flyer.


06/26/2012 6:53 AM  
Do all your important notices by mail. Posted notices are just an invitation for the nasty people to comment. That said, you need to take seriously the "Does this apply to the board?" comment and make sure the board's homes set the standard of excellence.
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