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Monday, November 29, 2021

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Subject:  Agenda est,. w/o any input by members or brd
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01/09/2012 9:00 AM  
I have just been made aware that the President has set up an agenda for the
Board meeting w/o any input from the community. 2 board members had input
He has also set up a workshop to go over only agenda items and will not
Provide for any new items to be placed on the agenda for the workshop.
I have been told that in Fl.,. We need to have a workshop in order to have
Items placed on the agenda. And at the board meeting we can not place new
Items on the agenda. They can only be placed on for the next board meeting
I am told that we need to post 48hr.,. Prior to a meeting.
We are having the workshop on 1-10-12 9:00 AM EST (post was at 1-9-12 8:00 AM EST for both)
Board meeting to be on 1-11-12 at 1:00PM EST with 4 agenda items.
Now I have a problem with this or am I wrong?
I have 2 items of health and safety concerns that have been brought to me by several in the community, that I told them I would bring up at the next work shop.
I knew the date of the workshop to be 1-10-12 and the next board meeting to be 1-18-12 at 9:00 AM
Does this violate the open meetings act? Or someother Fl.,.rule?
And if so how can I correct this?


01/09/2012 10:00 AM  
Condo, HOA?

I know of no 'workshop' requirement in 720 (HOA).

IF 720:
>The BoD sets agenda. Maybe the Pres. has taken this on his/her own but the rest of the BoD can correct this with some reasoning or vote him/her out of office (not off the Board though).

Membership CAN petititon the BoD (wth 20% of total membership) to place an item on the agenda ((but does not guarantee any action (motion/vote) on the item)).

Maybe there is some special clause in your docs. requiring a workshop in certain situations?


01/09/2012 10:56 AM  

We are a 718.
I would like to know what then is the function of a workshop?
If at a board meeting you can only discuss what is on the agenda,
What input does the general membership have to get an item on the
If an item is placed on the agenda w/o members being able to
See the process, then what good is the process?
Why the 48 hours post?
They have POSTED the RESULTS of a meeting that has NOT taken place


01/09/2012 11:01 AM  
Hank, I don't know the laws of Florida very well so will speak in generalities. as the previous poster said the board sets the agenda. I guess I shouldn't say most, but a lot of HOA's all you have to do is contact the managment company or the board and request to be put on the agenda, much like a city council meeting. Agendas should be posted prior to the meeting if your state law mandates. There is also the open forumn of the meeting where residents should have an opportunity to speak on any issue.

I would start with your management company or your board, have you asked them how to get on the agenda? I don't know about workshops, that is out of my realm of knowledge.


01/09/2012 3:58 PM  
You're on the board, Hank, so I'm puzzled why you weren't notified of the board meeting date change (from 1/18-1/10) in time to add your agenda items. Was the 1/18 date a part of your usual meeting schedule?

Since you were not, follow Brad's advice and raise your topics during the Open Forum portion of your meeting on the 10th. You are a homeowner too and have that right. Since your topics non-agenda topics may not be discussed at the 1/10 meeting, make sure that there're on the next meeting's agenda. If these health & safety items are emergencies, check you bylaws to see if you can call an Emergency Meeting of the Board. It may require two directors to do so.

In Cali, there's a 4-day notice requirement period to h'owners for the agenda to be posted prior to a regular meeting. The purpose is to allow ample time for homeowners to have a chance to decide if they want to attend.

I have no idea what these "workshops" are.


01/09/2012 4:09 PM  

Can you post the language of the governing document that requires you to have workshops?

I ask because I see nothing in FL 718 that requires workshops. Perhaps they are known as something else.



01/12/2012 11:36 AM  
There is nothing in 718 regarding workshops. I managed a Condo community in the past where they held workshops prior to my management comany coming in. They did this as "discussion" items because BOD meetings were lasting 3 hours. Nothing was voted on or acted on at "workshops."


01/12/2012 3:36 PM  
Interesting. Thanks Kim.
(North Carolina)


01/13/2012 6:16 PM  
I don't think I could handle calling a meeting in order to prepare an agenda for another meeting.......

Hank - did you send your president an email saying what you'd like to have added to your upcoming meeting agenda or did you lay back until just before the meeting, see the agenda and then pipe up?

Yes, it could be too late. But, if you follow Robert's Rules of Order, I believe you can add an agenda item on meeting night but it needs a super-majority of support to pass. Not that you want to make a habit of that.


01/14/2012 11:00 AM  
I wish our State (NE) had a law that the agenda had to be posted 48 hrs before a meeting. Before I was a Board member and shortly after I became a member the agenda was given at the meeting.

Now we usually get the agenda after 10P.M. the day before the meeting. Since I do a lot of volunteer work at times, I can't get the agenda until and hr or less before the meeting.
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