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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject:  Collapsed ceilings
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03/23/2011 5:32 PM  
A contractor who does a lot of work for out building has informed us of a problem.
The ceilings in each unit- The ceilings are composed of dry wall squares (I hope that is the proper nomenclature) were nailed (the nails are not very long nor really thick- more like a staple) to the stud. He has informed us that the ceilings could collapse (and one did) and that we should replace the nails by drilling screws into the studs as is now required by the LA Department of Building and Safety.
My question has to do with the repainting of the ceilings: Is the Associaiton responsible for the repainting of the ceilings or is it a matter that the individual homeowner would be financially responsible?

A reply would be appreciated.

Jean Strauber
[email protected]
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03/24/2011 1:41 AM  
It depends on what your CC&R's state but in most condo documents I've seen it would be the H/O's responsibility to paint.

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03/24/2011 6:39 AM  
Why can't it be part of the bidding process for the repair work? I am sure the contractor can offer this service. It could be that ALL ceilings will be painted "White". However, IF the owner would like a different color then they are responsible for that.

You either have ceiling tiles or Sheet Rock. Sheet rock is thinner than your wall sheet rock. Ceiling tiles usually comes in squares and have a separate hanging system with steel grids. Sheet rock is in large rectangles and hung with nails or screws. Screws just make it easier and faster to install the sheet rock.

I am not sure about the "nail theory" being the culprit of the ceiling collapse. The city had to have inspected this process when it was installed. I've not heard of any screw only requirement when it comes to walls or ceilings. This seems odd. Ceiling collapse could be caused by moisture issues.

Before doing any of the work, you may want to consult a structural engineer. I know of one issues with nails and that has to do with pressure treated wood. Your Condo/house wouldn't have that in the walls or ceilings. If anything, new screws could be added and patched over. Otherwise, I would very much question the validity of this claim...

Former HOA President
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