HOATalk.com is the best HOA ad value!
HOATalk.com is the best HOA ad value!
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Community123 LLC
(Owner of HOATalk.com)

Our members lead thousands of community associations.
Introduce your business to these hard-to-reach Board members for an amazingly
low annual sponsorship fee!
  We're adding hundreds of new members every month!

Advertising benefits you won’t find anywhere else!
Your annual sponsorship includes:

  • Immediate introduction email, via our member update, to all members in your target market. (optional add on)
  • Full page profile in our services directory.
  • Smart Ad Delivery shows your ad every time a member from your state(s) logs on! You get maximum exposure & members only see relevant ads!
  • Exclusive Access & Limited Competition: Our limits on the number & type of sponsors ensure your ad is seen.
  • Bonus Direct Contact Advertising:  Make direct contact with our members on the discussion forum and build new customer relationships. Our member discussion forum only allows advertising from official sponsors, so you have exclusive access!

Limited sponsorship slots are available.
Only five sponsors per category & 10 total per state, so act now!

Annual Pricing is only $195 - $895 depending on the number of members in your
target state. National memberships are also available.
Click Here to see our advertising rate sheet.

Quick Stats:
(as of JUN 2012):

  • Over 27,000 registered members & we're adding hundreds more every month!
  • 200,000 - 300,000 page views per month over 40,000 - 60,000 visits, each visit lasting about 8 minutes!

Please Email us at: [email protected]
or visit www.HOATalk.com to explore the site.