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Subject: Voting
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(New York)


07/20/2018 1:10 PM  
One LLC owns a number of lots in a ny subdivision which has a HOA. The Declaration says each Lot has one vote and that if a party owns more than one Lori member shall be entitled to one vote for each Lot owned.
If owner owns ten out of 13 Lots is owner able to cast ten votes


07/20/2018 1:11 PM  
From what you have said, it sounds that way.

Is there an issue?


07/20/2018 1:12 PM  
Based on what you told us: Yes. One vote per lot is very common


07/20/2018 1:20 PM  
What you want to make sure is that the HOA has on file the names of the authorized individual(s) that will cast votes on behalf of the LLC.

Been there, Done that


07/20/2018 6:20 PM  
It sounds like you don't want to hear this, but that LLC can basically control any election your HOA has. Can you even make quorum without their attendance/votes?


07/24/2018 10:36 PM  
Sounds like you are potentially still under Developer / Declarant control for your HOA via an LLC owning majority of lots and not yet sold.
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