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Subject: HOA board member ob phone instead of at meeting
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07/20/2018 10:46 AM  

I don't see anything in our by-laws, but is it allowed that a board member can call in for a meeting instead of physically attending the meeting? I was under the impression all members had to be present at the physical meeting.

Paul from FL


07/20/2018 10:55 AM  
Don't know about FL, but in many states like CA, directors can meet telephonically so long as all directors an Owners in attendance can hear them, and the remote director can hear all the other directors.

So this probably is in your state laws.


07/20/2018 11:06 AM  
They can. In fact the entire meeting can be done via conference call with the caveat that if that's done, non-board members have to have the ability to get into the conf call and at least listen to the meeting.


07/20/2018 11:55 AM  
Yes, Paul, it's in both the condo statute and the HOA statute. Directors may participate from a remote location as long as everyone can hear everyone else and be heard when they speak. We had 2 remote directors attend a meeting last week. One was in the northesast and the other one was travelling somewhere on vacation in the midwest. It's the same as if they were in the room with the rest of the board.
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