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Subject: Commercial plumbers for repiping in the Seattle area
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07/11/2018 2:08 PM  
Our HOA is looking for commercial plumbers to get bids for a repiping project for our entire condo building. We have galvanized iron pipes from the 1960s and they are leaky and clogged up with rust.

Anyone here with some suggestions and experiences with vendors? How disruptive are these projects usually?



07/11/2018 2:31 PM  
Welcome to the Forum.

I would recommend checking with maybe your local Chamber of Commerce for businesses. Or you might check with other surrounding HOA’s to see who they have used in the past.


07/11/2018 5:42 PM  
Maybe call some of the other older condos in Seattle and ask whom they recommend for a large plumbing job. If I were on the Board of your condo, I would take these recommendations, pick three companies, contact them, give them an idea of how many buildings and residences would need to be re-plumbed, and ask if they were interested in bidding. Invite each to the property, at separate times of course, and get their opinions. If possible, have the entire board and the manager present on any walk-through of the buildings. Consider replacing the old piping with Pex piping. Google for more info.


07/12/2018 9:10 PM  
I would suggest that you contact a reputable commercial or multi-family GC. He'll have a number of plumbers he could use. The job you are asking about is large, and only a portion of it is inside the normal scope of a plumbing contractor. You are also talking about dust control, drywall repair and painting where needed, disabling the fire alarm when needed, notification of owners and the board, scheduling and a whole slew of other tasks that a mechanical contractor doesn't do on their own.

You should also be aware that many contractors will just plain ignore your calls because they have been burned by tire kickers too often. So be prepared to show your sincerity in the form of money poste haste.
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